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I'm Dr. Aaron Spitz, the leading vasectomy reversal specialist in California. My years of experience and dedication to the field of male fertility have given me a decided advantage when it comes to men's health and helping men realize their dreams of becoming fathers. I look forward to helping you get the most out of life by assisting in reversing your previous vasectomy.

Perhaps more than any other single medical procedure a man can have, the skill, experience and focus of the doctor helps to determine the success rate of a vasectomy. That's why I employ only the latest technology and decades of experience every time I perform a reversal procedure. My exacting standards have helped set me apart from other doctors while my friendly manner and honest desire to help every couple I consult with builds a vital trust with my patients. The success rate when it comes to vasectomy reversals is high and is on the rise every year, but it is only through the meticulous and painstaking work of a talented surgeon that positive results can be achieved. Together, we can do everything possible to reverse your vasectomy and allow the magic of parenthood to become a reality.

While many men may get vasectomies early in life, it is the realization that it is now time for fatherhood that drives so many men to look into vasectomy reversal surgery. And while it wasn't that long ago that the successful reversal rate for vasectomies was quite low, major advances in technology and technique have made successful reversals much more common. That's why it is vitally important that you choose a specialist who has years of experience in helping men and their families realize their dream of having biological children. I am a caring and experienced specialist who will walk you through the entire experience from your initial consultation to the day of your procedure to the post-procedure follow-ups; you simply cannot make a better choice for your health and your families' future than my office.

I understand how important the decision to seek a reversal is and that is why so many men and families have continually sought out my services. My doors are always open to new patients, and if you are ready to begin the journey of a vasectomy reversal, I am ready to help you accomplish your goals.

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