Vasectomy Reversal USA

Vasectomy Reversal USA

Male infertility can be a tragic and frustrating situation for couples wishing to conceive a child. For six to 12 percent of men that eventually regret the decision to have a vasectomy, salvation can be found at Vasectomy Reversal USA. At this state–of–the–art facility in Laguna Hills, California, patients can be sure they are receiving some of the most effective male infertility care currently available.

Vasectomy Reversal Statistics

Before deciding to have a vasectomy reversal, it is a good idea to understand the facts. Here are a few key vasectomy reversal statistics to help get you started:

  • Microsurgical vasectomy reversals (performed with an operating microscope) are the most effective form of vasectomy reversals
  • 75 to 97 percent of microsurgery reverse vasectomies are successful
  • The less time between vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, the greater the chances for success
  • Vasectomy reversal is two to three times less expensive than other fertilization options (such as in–vitro fertilization)

The Importance of an Experienced Surgeon

One of the best ways to improve your opportunity for success is to select a highly skilled and experienced vasectomy reversal doctor. A reverse vasectomy can be an incredibly precise procedure and requires great expertise. Prior to choosing a doctor, it is always a good idea to look into the credentials and experience of the surgeon that will be performing your procedure.

Choosing Vasectomy Reversal USA

Vasectomy Reversal USA is home to one of the most renowned vasectomy reversal doctors in the country – Dr. Aaron Spitz. Dr. Spitz is passionate about his profession and treats each patient with the courtesy and attention to detail they deserve. Join the countless number of families that have trusted Dr. Spitz for their vasectomy reversal procedure and contact Vasectomy Reversal USA today. For more information, potential patients can learn more at

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